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by Gabriel Inghilterra

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Leak follows a young woman who is startled by a mysterious leak that makes her sketches come alive. This indie sci-fi short filmed in downtown Orlando FL, was made basically with no budget but a lot of passion and creativity. With only one actress, one location, zero dialogue and three crew members, the team managed to give life to a simple but engaging story.

The film has won so far, “Best Super Short Film” and “Best Young Director Short Film” in Five Continents International Film Festival, “Best Sci-Fi Short” and “Best Young Director Short Film” in South Film and Arts Academy Festival”, “Best Sci-Fi Short: 2nd Place” in Miami Fear Fest, “Filmmaking Third Category: 3rd Place” in Nasser Bin Hamad Awards, two special mentions as “Screenplay Short Film” and “Young Actress Short Film” in FICOCC, and has over eight festival selections across the world including two subsidized invitations to “Global University Film Awards” in Hong Kong held by Hong Kong Baptist University, and, “Nasser Bin Hamad Awards” in the Kingdom of Bahrein held by the homonymous prince.

The film was written and directed by Gabriel Inghilterra, while Nicholas Diaz was the producer and Valery Valencia made her acting debut as the main star. Leak began its festival period in mid-2018 which will culminate in mid-2019 and then be publicly shared for all audiences.

For more information visit www.leakshort.com

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